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"Guardar só o que é bom de guardar"

Há a saudade
e há a saudade que vos pertence

Pardalitos dos meus olhos!

Zumalai, Agosto de 2017

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"Guardar só o que é bom de guardar"

"Mister, mister, photography!"

O sorriso deles quando percebiam que falávamos português...

Dili, 21 de Agosto de 2017

Podia ver isto todos os dias...

Why did you stop loving life? Well, you don't love life itself. You love, uh, places, animals, people, memories, food, literature, music. And sometimes you meet someone... who requires all the love you have to give. And if you lose that someone, you think everything else is gonna stop too. But everything else just keeps on going. Giraudoux said, you can miss a single being, even though you are surrounded by countless others. Those people are like... like extras. They cloud your vision, they're a meaningless crowd. They... They're an unwelcome distraction. So you seek oblivion in solitude. But solitude only makes you wither. So I'm an unwelcome distraction. I'm a cloud? You are the only part of my life I haven't figured out yet.

"Guardar só o que é bom de guardar"

"Précisa foto"

Zumalai, Agosto de 2017

Das favoritas desde sempre

Even if a day feels too long
You feel like you can't wait another one
You're slowly givin' up on everything
Love is gonna find you again Love is gonna find you, you better be ready then You been kneelin' in the dark for far too long
You've been waitin' for that spark, but it hasn't come
Well I'm callin' to you, please, get off the floor
A good heart will find you again A good heart will find you, just be ready then Tethered to a bird of sorrow
A voice that's buried in the hollow
You've given over to self-deceivin'
Your prostrate bowed would not be leavin'
You've squandered more than you could borrow
You've bet your joys on all tomorrows
For the hope of some returnin'
While everything around just burnin' Come on, we gotta get out, get out of this mess we made
And still for all our talk, we're both so afraid
Will we leave this up to chance, like we do everything?
Love is gonna find us again Love is gonna find us, we gotta be ready then Te…
Não ter um Deus
não ter um túmulo
não ter nada de certo
mas apenas coisas vivas que nos fogem –
existir sem ontem
existir sem amanhã
e cegar no vazio
– socorro –
pelo sofrimento
que não tem fim –

Antonia Pozzi

"Guardar só o que é bom de guardar"


Montanha, Zumalai, Agosto de 2017